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Benefits of an Inflatable SUP – for you, the carefree vacationer! 

Softer – Safety is always first so this one can’t be stressed enough.  I have broken and bruised bones on hard boards over the years and that is never a pleasant experience. You can literally play bumper boats with these things. Kids can jump from one board to the other like they’re jumping on an inner tube. You won’t get knocked out in the waves either. Less chance of injury = more chance for fun!

Indestructible – Don’t worry about dings and board cracks. I’ve literally thrown these things off a 2nd story deck and I frequently set it down anywhere (gravel, a parking lot, even on cement stairs). No damage caused by you means no repairs done by us and no need for you to pay anything other than your rental fee!

Easier to transport – No need for roof racks. The iSUP is about the size of a rolled sleeping bag and easily fits in any car or boat, and can even be strapped onto a bicycle or motorcycle. Renting for a couple of days and want to check out some of the dune lakes? Simple! Just deflate the board a bit and throw it in your car and head on over to your next adventure! When you get where you’re going, re-inflate with the included pump and go!

– Stability –  At 6 inches thick and 32 inches wide, these boards will work for just about anyone! The point of Stand Up Paddleboarding is to have fun and it’s not very much fun if you keep falling off the board.  After a little quick instruction by us, you’ll be out on the water, standing up and paddling in no time!  You’ll sit higher in the water on these boards so your feet won’t get wet and you’ll see more too (make sure you bring your sunglasses!).

Easy on the feet – While very rigid, the air does cushion your feet a lot more than a hard board, no matter how good the deck pad is. You wouldn’t think of it, but it is amazing how tired your feet get on a hard board trying to “hold on!”

– Lighter –  Weighing in at 24 lbs, these boards are a good 6 – 10 pounds lighter than your standard hard board.  Ever try to carry a 11 foot board on a somewhat gusty beach day?  Think giant sail. These boards are much easier to control when being carried and easier for smaller people to carry around as well.


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